YELP for dental practices

There are many different review and local listing services. YELP is by far is one of the largest if not the largest after google business pages.

So what is YELP?

What people do, is they go to yelp. They type in for example “Dentist” “Huntington Beach” and YELP will give them all the local listing they have that match that search. Yelp offers reviews, maps, and details about all the businesses.

Setting up your YELP page basics:

Yelp offers a number of different options for Local Businesses to put on there own YELP page.  Then take some time to input as much detail as you can about your business. Make sure to include photos as well as a link to your website. ( to


It’s Important to get your NAP correct: Name, Address, Phone Number. Read more about NAP you can read chapter 5 in our Local SEO Starter Guide for Dental Practices. )

Key Marketing features:

  1. Yelp listings appear in Google Searches.
  2. People use Yelp online as well as smartphones & tablets.

note: You are on yelp whether you like it or not.


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