Sales prevention for dental practices

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Sales prevention for dental practices

Women gets on the line asking all kinds of questions. And after many questions she finally gets to her major one, is your practice right for me? And it wasn’t. And after a moment of silence your answer is NO. Our practice is not right for you. Yes we can do most of what you ask but based on everything you just shared with me I would recommend seeing someone who specializes in what your looking for and I know someone that can offer you more value. We can do the operation but were not set up to do them often at our location and you would get more for your money at another location. Please hold while I grab you a phone number to call.

Now this seems like a simple thing that maybe you do already but does your staff do it for you? Does your website make things clear? The reason the sales prevention technique works is because its a pattern interupt. In our world of sales and marketing our customers are being sold sold sold to and marketing is pushed down there throat. So to finally here a dentist tell them, Yes we can help you but for your best value you may want to try this practice out because they specialize in what your looking for, they will sit up and pay attention. Its a pattern interupt.

When people see that this is who you are they will start to believe you because its honest and its true. And yes maybe they go somewhere else for the time being, but they will come back down the road. And they also will be more then willing to offer word of mouth advertisement to there friends and family if they know that someone is looking for a dentist in your area.

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