Why every dental website should use Google Analytics

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Why every dental website should use Google Analytics

Who comes to your website? What pages do they visit, what paths do they take? These metrics and many more are available with Google Analytics.

Nearly all websites have a search bar. Did you know, that Google Analytics can be setup to track these searches? How important would it be for your practice to know exactly what your visitors are looking for? Are they looking for a specific service? Location info? Maybe they are looking for an answer to a problem they have.

No matter what they search for, your business can understand if certain information is not easily accessible to visitors (and ultimately make it available), gain insight into specific services users are interested in and possibly promote these more frequently.

Additionally, site search can be a great resource for identifying future blog posts that address the searches that were made.

There are many ways to use this data. How else could your business benefit from this insight to make smarter decisions?

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