Step by Step design process

To help give you a quick overview of how we will be working on your project, we’ve created this step by step walk-through.


Screen-Shot-2014-05-28-at-9.27.34-PMStep 1. Contact,  Contract & Discovery
The first step is to choose what package you would like. You can choose from the Plus or Elite packages we offer. You will also choose which design layout you like. After our initial conversation and you have chosen the package you would like, we will send you our design contract that will have all your details and pricing for your package. We will also send over your first invoice.

2. Design Questionnaire
Next you will be shown the webpage where you can fill out all your design details that we will need to customize the layout you have chosen. It’s an easy to fill out form where we will gather all the important information to help us get started on your project. We will look over your answers and send over any follow up questions that we may need more details on.

3. Design & Page Content
Our designers will then start to design your new homepage. At this time we will also be contacting you to start gathering all the content we will need for your inner-pages. ( about us, services, etc etc).

After our designers have designed your homepage to fit all your branding we will send over a draft for you to review. Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 9.27.52 PM

4. Development and Pages
After we have your approval on the look of the homepage we will start the development of your website. (coding/programming). This is also the time all your inner-pages will be laid out.

5. Review & Testing
When the development and programming has been finished you will be able to view your website and pages. At this time you will want to look over all your content to make sure we have everything in its correct place and if there is any text you would like to change.
During this time we will also be testing each page, and all functionality of your website so that we can prepare to launch the website to public. At this time we will also be installing all of your extra addons such as analytics and social links.

6. Launch & Maintenance
We finalize a date to launch with you and we start your website transfer to its brand new home on your brand new Local Dental hosting server.