Discount first dentist visit

first time dentist visit

Discount first dentist visit

Offer a special price or discount for first timers. This is a great way for Dental Practices to get new clients, and get them started off at a rate that makes them comfortable. After you get your patient in the seat is when you offer your real sales pitch and that is your personality and gentleness.
The hardest part for anyone is going that first time to a dentist. Maybe its money, maybe its a bad experience as a child, but whatever it is, its our job as dental practices to make that first visit easy, affordable and as comfortable as possible. Once someone finds a dentist they appreciate and are comfortable with they most likely will return even after the prices have gone up after there first visit.

So what are a few things you can do to help make this process most effectient. Remember how important this patient is. They are not any less important then a regular paying patient. If anything they are more important. So make sure when your staff is scheduling new patients to make note of it in your calendar and don’t over book yourself during this time slot. The last thing you want is for a new patients first observation of your practice is that they needed to wait to long in the waiting room. Make sure your staff offers them some water and a magazine to read while they wait. Offer a “new patients” page on your website and have a detailed message of what they can expect on there first visit.

Here are five examples of offers your first time patients can be given.

  1. Free X-Rays or Free Consultation.
  2. Special Discount: i.e. $75 off or 50% off your entire visit.
  3. Special Offer: $150.00 Complete Teeth Whitening.
  4. Your first visit is on us! FREE (up to $500.00)
  5. Free cleaning or Special Rate for Cleaning.
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