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Kick start your dental blog with good SEO


Content is king for local SEO

Both search engines and social media reward original, evergreen and relevant content. In the past you could get away with just a few articles and well-placed keywords in those articles, but with Google’s new Hummingbird algorithms and readers are smarter. If you’re not providing useful relevant content for your readers of your website and social media pages, it will show. Also remember duplicate content is easily found and will be penalized in results, so make sure any published content is not copied and pasted but written by yourself or someone on your trained staff.

It’s important to publish content on a regular basis. In social media, consistent publishing will keep conversations going and establish you or your brand as an active voice in the community. It’s important to always post on your own website’s blog first, then after your blog post has been published you can start to share its link and content on your social media channels. The content needs to be seen on your website first so that the search engine knows you posted it first and gives that higher rank to your site.

How to create content?

What should you be blogging about?

The number one source of delivering relevant content for any dental practice is through the wordpress blog. Any blog is a good blog but wordpress teamed up with a good an SEO tool like Yoast SEO will give you the best chance and getting each of your blog posts ranked high in searches and correctly indexed.

Content, not links, will define your authority and appeal in the eyes of your target audience. By providing accurate, interesting, and fresh content, you work toward establishing trust and respect—two things every patient wants from their dentist.

What are your patients searching for when they are on google looking for a dentist? What kind of questions are they asking to get to your page?  This is a great way to start thinking about what kind of blog post to write and will get you started in the right direction to deliver that relevant content. Make a list of all the questions you can think of. Ask your office staff what questions they commonly run into? Ask your patients themselves what questions they have. Then use the answer to these questions as your blog post title and give them nice long answers to make sure you have some good content in each blog post.Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 9.07.13 PM

Answering questions is a great way to start your dental blog but there are many other ways to  gauge user interest on specific topics, think about the following;

  • Your audience: Who are they, and what do they want? Are they looking for cosmetic dentistry or pediatric dentistry? Preventive dentistry, restorative dentistry, or both?
  • Your audience demographics: Which patient groups will you target? How old are they? Are they lower income or mostly affluent? Do they work, or are they past retirement age? Men, women, or both? Do they have children? How many? The list goes on.
  • Choosing the appropriate channel: Will you reach them with videos, blog posts, or just the text on your website? Do they like infographics or long articles?
  • Incorporating social media: Which social media platforms appeal to your patients? When are they online? What types of posts are they most likely to comment on or share?

It’s important to take all these into considerations when writing content for your clients. Take your local demographic, your current client demographic as well as all the key features your practice can deliver. Talk about what makes your location a great place to go to the dentist.

Since users will likely read a short description of your content first, include key phrases in the first 100 characters of post. If the value of content can be communicated in the first few sentences, you’re on the right track. So unlike before, don’t worry so much about keywords  but start with a Title that explains what your post is about and give a few of the key points in those first few sentences.

Producing content that is valuable to your audience is the ultimate goal and will keep them coming back. It’s the main reason that content marketing is so successful at giving you the best SEO results. Ultimately, you can have the most optimized and well-designed page, but good content is not something anyone can “build” for you. It takes dedication and time to your online blog.  You and your office staff can do this a few days a week and make a huge difference in your SEO.

Content is King for SEO. Use it properly, and you will kick start your dental blog with good SEO .

As the digital space continues to crowd, basic SEO and SMO knowledge are becoming table stakes. The two are now interconnected in many ways, and social media presence plays a huge role in search engine traffic. If you haven’t already, check out our first post in this SEO series for more information on the background of both SEO and SMO. “What is SEO and SMO


( Here at Local Dental we use both wordpress and SEO Yoast on all of our websites.)


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