How the Google Pigeon update will effect dentists

geo targeting for dentist

What do dentist need to be aware of with the new Google Changes?

As Google releases there new local algorithm in there latest Google Pigeon update we will be keeping you informed here on our blog as to what is notable for Dental Practices. Not all of the Google Pigeon updates will effect Local SEO but some of the key updates are worth at least looking over and understanding. Today we will go over an important one though we do not as of yet have any specific recommendations on action to take for it.

GEO targeting has become more specific.

How the Google Pigeon update will effect dentists, the radius area for a local search around your dental practice has gotten smaller. Before the area where people could find you doing a quick search on their phone may have been a few miles,  now that radius may have come down to maybe just a mile or two. This obviously will vary in different areas but it’s important to take note of and also important to take into consideration when

dentist need to look at there radius for google pigeon update

This image is just an example and does not represent any exact radius.